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It is vital that when people search for you online, they are met with positive results over negative. By hiring our Reputation Management services at Telsa Media, you are then able to influence your actual business reputation online as either a company or an individual.
The reputation of your business is an extremely important aspect that requires careful and constant managing to ensure that positive comments, (be them via mentions on social media reviews on review or shopping sites, blog posts and comments, or other), rise to the top of the search engines, and any negative feedback falls behind.
It is not about censoring genuine negative feedback, but about making sure that the reputation of your business is kept in good shape despite any. This is done through using SEO techniques such as relevant keywords and phrases, as well as posting your business to websites that usually show up in the search engines top results.

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Vivek Prajapati

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Vivek Prajapati

Are you searching for a wall chart for the 2018 World Cup in Russia? One that includes the matches, venues, kick-off times and the dates of every game? Then look no further! The team at Telsa Media has created on for you to download today with all the information you need. Download our Sweepstake Kit too to play with friends and colleagues. Click the link below to download now!
Please feel free to share this article with your friends and colleagues so they too can download our comprehensive and free wallchart.
We hope you enjoy this year’s tournament.

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