How SEO and PPC Work Together for Your Online Business

It’s sometimes easy to think of pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO) as two opposite marketing strategies. However, SEO and PPC services actually work together very well indeed. It may seem as though one is the direct opposite of the other, but have you considered putting both to the test for your online visibility campaign? Here are just a few reasons why you should.

They’ll Increase Your Visibility

It’s tempting to purely go the organic route when it comes to search visibility. However, even if you’re slightly unsure about PPC, consider this. These two marketing strategies help to corner two very different areas of the market. While SEO will help you ascend organic rankings, PPC will help you stand out on the targeted advertising front. Neither will cancel the other out, and it’s double the visibility for you.

Organic and Targeted Strategies Blend Well Together

Think about the results you get from SEO. It can be tricky to know what works for your site in terms of organic drivers to begin with. Therefore, you can use the results you get from PPC to inform your SEO strategy, and vice-versa. When you’re struggling to get somewhere with one site marketing strategy, try putting the other to the test, and see what comes up!

PPC Keywords and Site Search

As stated above, you could use some elements of one strategy to help inform the other. A great way to boost PPC, for example, could be to use organic site search data you’ve already recorded in your basic analytics. These may not always connect or convert, but it’s always worth checking to see if fine-tuning your advertising strategy improves your click-through rate,

You’ll Get Access to New Keywords

SEO and PPC work together well thanks to keyword sharing. By this, we mean that you’ll get two lots of keyword data to analyse on a regular basis. This means you can fine-tune your keyword strategy even closer in the months to come, making your content more organically appealing to the visitors you’d like to reach. Running both PPC and SEO together will give you double the attack power.

Boost Your Profile on Social Media

How do SEO and PPC marketing affect social media? Simple. You can run PPC to appeal to various people on social media platforms, and you’ll be able to fine-tune who you’re targeting towards. For example, if an initial campaign targeting 30-40 year old women in the UK goes down swimmingly, you may want to use this to inform your future keyword research. As we’ve already explored, SEO can greatly inform PPC, as well as the other way around. Why use one or the other exclusively?

Enhance Your Decision-Making

It can be hard to know what to do when it comes to encouraging traffic. It is very much a case of fine-tuning certain campaigns and strategies to begin with. However, by putting both PPC and SEO to the test, you have access to the best of both worlds. Consider, therefore, using both avenues to tighten up the decisions you make with regard to your business.
With two fantastic campaigns and strategies running side by side, you should have renewed confidence. There will be more chance of you appealing to more people with further strategies, and more chance of you increasing those all-important conversions.

Boost Visitor Returns

Yes, SEO and PPC specialists, working in tandem, could help to influence people to come back to you. This is something which is referred to as ‘remarketing’. Once you’ve lost a conversion, that doesn’t mean you’ve lost it forever. Not necessarily, anyway.
PPC, in line with SEO, can help to approach previous visitors at a later date. The visitors you may not have converted on may simply be considering their options, or they may have bookmarked you for another time. Seize upon visitation data and use it to mount a PPC strategy. This way, you’ll be able to encourage one-time visitors to come back to you, even if it is just a case of jogging their memories.

Take Care of Negative Reviews

Believe it or not, PPC and SEO can both help you to control your PR, to some extent. But how does this work? Consider for a moment that you’ve suffered bad PR, that a mistake was made, or that you’ve received poor reviews. Once you’ve rectified the problems, it’s time to show people that you can still offer a fantastic service.
To do this, you need to set up PPC campaigns and fine-tune your SEO to encourage people searching for bad PR to redirect to you. For example, you may have published a full statement addressing negativity, and what you intend to do about it. By targeting keywords based on the bad moment, you’ll be able to redirect people to your statement.

Double Brand-Building

Building your brand can be difficult to begin with. This is especially the case when you are growing your brand through one channel or strategy rather than several. Therefore, look at PPC and SEO as a double-pronged growth strategy. You can develop your brand and grow your business in one way, through SEO, while continuing to promote it in a separate channel, via PPC.
Developing your brand is all about pushing yourself to appeal to the people who matter to you. By attacking more channels, you will stand more chance of growing quickly. By following one strategy or channel alone, you run the risk of losing out on serious interest in your company.
Unsure what to make of SEO and PPC? Worried about balancing focus between the two? Don’t be. With the best digital marketers and optimisation experts by your side, you’ll grow your business and your brand in no time at all.
Let Telsa Media show you how beneficial SEO and PPC could be for your business. Call us or email our team right away to set up a consultation. Let’s get your brand up and moving for the right people!

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