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Why Local SEO is Important for Your Business in the UK

What is local business SEO? Whether you are local experts in IT, are running an employment agency, or even make and sell your own clothes, your website is always going to benefit from local SEO strategy that Google is going to adore.
Local SEO works on the basis that there are always going to be people near you looking for local services and support. This is especially the case when they need something fixing, or need quick, helpful advice. While overall global SEO is still important, it is never a good idea to discount the smaller, more local side of the operation.
Here are a few reasons why local business SEO is so important, and how you can really work it to your advantage.

You’ll Rank Higher in Local Search Results

This is the biggest plus point for local SEO. By tying in words and phrases to your local area, for example, you are going to appear more prominently to people searching for nearby support.
For example, someone may search for ‘butchers in Harrow’ – target this keyword or phrase, and your name is likely to pop up. Target a wider phrase, and you’re looking at appealing to a much wider market.
Local SEO, at its most straightforward, is all about tightening your scope, and appealing to niche audiences. That is, the people who are likely to need you in your local area!

You’ll be Seen More By Local People

As above, local business SEO will open you up to relevant, local searchers. What Google also does, too, is ask searchers to offer their location for tailored results. You’ll be able to appeal to local searchers even if they just use phrases such as ‘near me’. You can boost your local SEO profile by listing a public business address and contact details, too. Google will take these into account so that it can build a full profile on what to expect from you. It’s all about giving Google as much information tailored to your site as physically possible.

You’ll Get More Targeted Traffic

The goal of local SEO is, of course, to drive more targeted traffic. If you run a local business which thrives on local trade, then you are obviously going to need to tighten up your strategy. A general SEO strategy will help you in many different ways, but you really can’t ignore the power of the local factors. Targeted traffic, of course, is going to be more likely to connect with you and to convert on making a purchase. That’s what the end goal is for any business operating online, and it’s the main driver of SEO.

Use Google My Business to Your Advantage

Google My Business is a fantastic tool. You’ve likely come across it before while searching for nearby services. It is a small profile which appears on your search listings, often on the right in desktop mode, which gives you an overview of a local business.
A relevant business will be able to display images, contact details and even reviews.
By filling out your own profile, you’re helping Google even further in understanding what you do.
What’s more, these profiles are very useful for searchers. It’s a quick way to glance over essential information before clicking through to a website. It’s like an advertisement for your services without going into the hard sell.

You Can Market Content to Local Interests

Local business SEO can be tailored to local interests. For example, if you wanted to appeal to people in Elephant and Castle, you might create a page of content just for them. You can draw upon local factors and experiences. This shows Google that you are providing relevant, engaging content to genuine local readers. What’s more, it’ll help local visitors connect with you, and will even help to improve your conversion rate. Don’t be afraid to market to local people, particularly if you depend on their business!

Build Links with Local Resources

Local SEO wouldn’t be complete without some link-building. In a similar way to local networking, you should think about reaching out to local sites and resources. Link to businesses in your area. Start link-building, and you may even find that you get plenty of links back yourself! This is a great way to really establish yourself as an authority in your field, as well as a leading business in your area.
The more links you build, the more people will want to see what you can do. Local businesses and resources help each other – and that means making sure searchers and readers know who the authorities are in their region.

Manage Your Reputation

Local SEO can also help you manage your reputation. As stated, Google My Business can help you to manage and monitor user reviews. This is a great way to show the world – or, at least your area – what you can do. You can also use local results and widgets to respond to PR issues.
As we discuss in another blog post, bad PR is easily managed if you use SEO or PPC to redirect search interest to your own explanation of events.
By reaching out to local people, you can address queries from your area, and you can easily redress problems and concerns which may have been raised. Naturally, you should be continuing to offer a brilliant service to your customers. In 2019, however, you should also be answerable to any problems which may arise – on a public forum!

Keep It Local

Local business SEO is crucial in 2019. Specialists in SEO on a global basis will also be able to help you tailor your strategies to a nearby audience of visitors and readers. If you’re interested in giving your local SEO a complete audit, approach web design experts or an agency you can trust.
Telsa Media is here to help – contact us today and let’s set up a consultation.

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