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Are you an E-commerce business that wants to showcase your products in London, Surrey and the rest of the UK?

You need Magento!

Magento is a leading eCommerce platform which has over 200,000 online retailers with 1 out of every 4 businesses using it.

The reason why it holds this may users is due to the large number of products it can handle and the security it provides.

The platform is built with open source technology allowing other experts to adapt the code to make it unique to your business.

Magento uses a flexible shopping cart system that allows customers to browse easily, search and buy all from their mobile or other devices. It also allows special gestures such as swipe, zoom and drag and drop on mobile devices.

You have control over the appearance, content and functionality of your online store. It is completely up to you on the design and theme you use. Magento offers a variety of different plug-ins and themes which can be changed at any time.

It offers powerful marketing, search engine optimisation and catalogue management tools.

The great thing about Magento is even if you are a small business with only a few products, you can expand easily by adding even more products as you grow in the future without changing platforms.

Here are a few benefits of a Magento website

  • Easy to install and add additional themes and plugins
  • Uses open source technology that allows for flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions
  • Allows for discounts and promotions to be added during checkout
  • Provides for more than 50 payment gateways
  • Easy to browse

How our Magento Website Developers can help!

When it comes to customising the functionality of a website, it becomes much more complex and requires PHP coding in the back end of the website which would need to be coded by experts.

But there is help out there!

At Telsa Media, we have expert developers in Surrey with many years’ experience of working in the back and front end of many websites.

Magento is a very robust system and would require much knowledge to be able to know the ins and outs of how to control a website. Therefore, for the majority of users, it can only be changed to a point.

  • SEO friendly to attract and engage your customers
  • Optimise conversion rates with a quick cart/checkout process and aimed promotions to increase your ROI.
  • Create loyal customers with rewards, wish lists, gifts and more.
  • Grow as a business with confidence with frequent updates to your website to optimise performance.

Our specialists will be able to control everything in the stock from adding in products to taking them away. We can also create many categories on your website, whether you are a clothing company or homeware store.

We can also provide a customer management service where we take care of your invoices, shipments, dispatches, credit memos, billing agreements, transactions and even manage cart and catalogue price rules from the back end.

We will also keep you updated with frequent reports and if you want to keep in contact with your customers, we can send newsletters to your subscribers.

If this is the website you need, give our UK experts at Telsa Media a call on 0208 686 4577 or email us at hello@telsamedia.com and we will be happy to help you.

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