Social Media

Post, Attract & Engage your target audience with the assistance of Social Media Optimisation Services!

The era of advertising has changed since the boom of social media networks in our lives. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest Marketing are helping small businesses to reach their target audience without investing thousands of pounds into it.
Social Media is an ideal place for marketing your business as people scroll & share their newsfeed at every interval they get. However, for a Business, Social Media Marketing is not just about posting a few images & sharing newsfeeds. With some creative strategy, your business will stand out and in return, gain stunning results.

How do we work?

Being a bespoke Social Media Service Company in London - we have an in-house team of Social Media Experts who can take up your Social Media for your Business from scratch. We can assist you to increase your overall brand engagement by building strategic campaigns that deliver results.
We will Bunch up your Business Requirements (Needs, Target Audience & Niche) - Create a winsome Strategy - Write up an engaging Content – Analyze it on a timely basis & Report to you at regular intervals.
What’s more? Our platform allows us to set up & measure results. Not only this, we also offer our clients the luxury to log in & access their reports.
So if you are planning to get your hands on Social Media Marketing, Talk to us on 0208 686 4577, we will be glad to hear from you!

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SMO Pricing (per month) Bronze Silver Gold
Facebook Promotion
Facebook Account & Page Setup Yes Yes Yes
Post Per Month 10 20 35
Cover Photo Yes Yes Yes
New Likes Per Month 40 100 250
Facebook Ads No Yes Yes
LinkedIn Promotion
LinkedIn Account Setup Yes Yes Yes
Posts Per Month 10 20 35
Cover Photo No Yes Yes
LinkedIn Group No No Yes
New Followers Us Per Month 10 20 40
Twitter Promotion
Twitter Account Setup No Yes Yes
Post Per Month 10 20 30
Background Image No No Yes
Followers Per Month 50 100 200
Google Plus Promotion
G+ Account Setup Yes Yes Yes
Post Per Month 10 20 40
Cover Photo No Yes Yes
New Followers Per Month 20 50 100
Monthly Account Activity Reports Yes Yes Yes
Pricing £ 150
£ 200
£ 300