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About Us

Founded by Jayson Webb in 2015, Telsa Media has quickly become a leading results-focused, Digital Marketing Agency. Our handpicked team of digital marketing specialists cover the full spectrum of online marketing, from PPC & SEO to Social Media & Email Marketing. Our mission is to generate genuine high-quality leads.

Going above and beyond is a massive part of our company culture.

We’re passionate about tackling your online challenges and supporting businesses of all sizes to understand control & leverage their digital assets.

With countless testimonials to our name, Jayson Webb has played a part in many business transformations over the years. As the world we live in continues to change and migrate online, we will continue our involvement in this process even more.

Professional Services

What Makes Us Different?

Professional Services

Web Design @Telsa Media

Professional Services

Meet The Team

Jayson Webb

Managing Director / Founder at Telsa Media

Jem Djelal

Creative Director


Chief Barketing Officer

Vivek Prajapati

Full Stack Web Developer

Bowden Watt

Paid Operations Manager

Dylan Bennett

Social Media Manager

Vincent Taylor

Business Development Manager

Caroline Johnson


Fakhruddin Lukmani

Adwords & Leads Manager

Noman Pathan

SEO Manager

Brijesh kapletiya

Lead Full Stack Developer

Avinash Kori

Web Designer & Developer

Sunny Panchal

Web Developer

Indrajit kaplatiya

Software Developer

Shashank Chauhan

SEO / Executive

Nirav Prajapati

Graphic Artist

Vairag Gaudani

Web Designer

Tejas Ranpura

Web Designer

Dhruv Beladiya

Web Designer

Nishil Prajapati


Darshan Soni

Software Developer

Krutarth Ambaliya

Software QA Engineer

Yash Thakur

SEO / Executive

Milan Sodvadiya

SEO / Executive

Sanket Prajapati

Server Administrator

Chintan Gajjar


Arpan Chakraborty

Digital Content Creator

Yashesh Patel

SEO / Executive

Jasmin Rupavatiya

SEO / Executive

Professional Services

What Do We Offer?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Our highly rated SEO services are a perfect solution for any company aiming to grow their business' ranking within the organic search results.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Management

Tesla Media has several Google Ad specialists with many years of experience in mastering the platform and rendering improved sales and conversion for many companies and businesses.

Web Development

Our creative and skilled team is comprised of some of the leading web designers and developers in the world. From WordPress site creation to Magento website development, our team produces visually stunning websites that are both practical and responsive.

Telagus (Telsa CRM)

Many years have been spent in the creation of 'Telagus', our software that is not only a fully functioning CRM but also a highly efficient business management tool.

Professional Services

Other Services We Offer