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Let our experienced and dedicated team take complete care of all your PPC management. We have excellent relationships with search engine providers, and know how to take your online advertising campaigns to the next level, be it with Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Facebook. Your money really does go further with an expert in charge of your PPC campaign, and Telsa Media have many years experience of working closely with hundreds of clients who have seen their clicks convert into customers.
PPC advertising translates as Pay Per Click, where online ads are shown for your business, and you only pay if a user clicks through your online advert. This is a cost effective way of advertising on the web because people get to see your brand, however you are only charged if the link is clicked, enabling you to get a percentage of exposure at no cost at all.
Our PPC management services are the best way to go as we have the knowledge to maximise your budget, not only reviewing the success of your campaign at the end of the chosen period, but analysing it as we go along, fine tuning details accordingly to get optimum performance.

What we will do for you


We will create a structured advertising campaign for your PPC ads, with a clear strategy relating to your business, your competitors, and what you want to achieve. You can be 100% involved in this, telling us exactly what it is you want to achieve from placing these ads for your business online.


We will completely manage this PPC account for you, put the advertising strategy into action, and monitor it as it progresses. By doing this we can up something that is working, and immediately stop something that is not.


We will research and test various keywords, phrases, and ad-copy relating to your business advertising strategy, on an ongoing basis, fine tuning what is showing results as the campaign goes on.


We will track and analyse your unique campaign reports as it goes along, updating you on progress at chosen intervals, and at the end of a period providing you with individual statistics.
Why choose PPC advertising
  • QUICK. PPC is an extremely quick way of directing traffic to your website.
  • CONTROLLABLE. PPC is a controllable
You can start your PPC advertising campaign on a small budget for a trial period before seeing if you want to take it further, or commit to something larger straight away. We are here to discuss your needs and advise you accordingly, simply get in touch and well be happy to help.

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