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As a dedicated PPC agency, Telsa Media have more than a few years’ expertise in effective pay per click advertising. We have a close relationship with all of the big search engines – meaning that if you are interested in setting up PPC marketing for Google, Bing or elsewhere, we’ll be able to design and implement a cost-effective and affordable advertising campaign you can depend upon.
Let our experienced and dedicated team take complete care of all your PPC management. We have excellent relationships with search engine providers, and know how to take your online advertising campaigns to the next level, be it with Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Facebook. Your money really does go further with an expert in charge of your PPC campaign, and Telsa Media have many years experience of working closely with hundreds of clients who have seen their clicks convert into customers.
Pay per click management and advertising can be seen as a separate entity to search engine optimisations (SEO), but more often than not, they work together closely hand-in-hand. With our PPC management services, you will receive a targeted advertising campaign which will deliver to the right people each and every time. Pay per click services allow you to lead with a budget which will only be used when people click on your links – meaning that you’re only ever going to be paying for paid search marketing should you make that crucial lead. This is why it’s all the more important to us, as an experienced and leading PPC consultant, to ensure that each and every click counts.
Our PPC management services are the best way to go as we have the knowledge to maximise your budget, not only reviewing the success of your campaign at the end of the chosen period, but analysing it as we go along, fine tuning details accordingly to get optimum performance.

What we will do for you

What We’ll Do

We will create a structured advertising campaign for your PPC ads, with a clear strategy relating to your business, your competitors, and what you want to achieve. You can be 100% involved in this, telling us exactly what it is you want to achieve from placing these ads for your business online.
Our PPC management services start with the creation of a structured campaign for paid advertising directly based around your marketing needs and the expectations of your key demographics. We’ll involve you closely in the creation of any PPC marketing strategies we set up – meaning that providing you offer us a clear picture of what you need, we will always be in a position to make the right choices in getting an effective strategy up and running.
We’ll be your dedicated PPC campaign managers from start to finish – meaning that from creation through to continued monitoring and aftercare, you can rest assured that your PPC campaign management is in good hands – we’re a pay per click specialist as well as experts in contemporary digital marketing and website design! One of the most important stages of the process is testing keywords and elements of our various PPC packages – meaning that if one strategy isn’t working out, we will fine tune it until it does.
Count on us for detailed reports, too – we keep a close focus on all our clients’ PPC campaigns as they run, and we’ll deliver a bespoke report to you once your budget has paid for a full campaign – and once all clicks have been exhausted. We’ll even report back to you at custom intervals, too, if you desire us to.

Pay Per Click Advertising – It Works!

As a pay per click agency London firms and brands rely upon, we strongly suggest you consider setting up a PPC campaign with us to see exactly what it could do for you. PPC advertising is speedy, easy to control and is amazingly cost effective. Long term, it is a low cost alternative to more intrusive and less effective forms of advertising – and what’s more, it’s proven to bring in the numbers and the leads for websites in need of boosts to traffic and user engagement. Our focused campaigns – based entirely upon your needs and your competitive strategy – get results when you need them.
PPC advertising is a great way to get more people buzzing about your brand and enthused about what you do. Call us today on 0208 686 4577 – or email us if you have more than a few ideas in play already regarding who you’d like to target, when and how. As leading and trusted experts in digital marketing, believe us when we say that effective PPC campaigning should be a part of any SEO strategy in the modern age.


We will track and analyse your unique campaign reports as it goes along, updating you on progress at chosen intervals, and at the end of a period providing you with individual statistics.
Why choose PPC advertising
  • QUICK. PPC is an extremely quick way of directing traffic to your website.
  • CONTROLLABLE. PPC is a controllable
You can start your PPC advertising campaign on a small budget for a trial period before seeing if you want to take it further, or commit to something larger straight away. We are here to discuss your needs and advise you accordingly, simply get in touch and well be happy to help.

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