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In a world where so many of us use instant messengers, it’s easy to forget about email. However, it still has an important place in online marketing! Email marketing specialists will tell you that it’s a brilliant way to encourage repeat visits to your website. It could be the best way for you to announce sales or to tailor deals to your customers! For example, if you have a customer who loves your service and product, they will want to hear more from you. Let them sign up for a newsletter! You can then market products and deals to specific people.

One of the best reasons why modern email marketing is so effective is through consent. Unlike junk mail, anyone who gets an email from you will have agreed to it. Therefore, much of the hard work is already over and done with! You’re sending email marketing to people who are most likely to buy into it. It’s one of the best-hidden ways to drive custom again and again.

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