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So – you’ve got a killer app. That’s great! But are you marketing it enough, or in the right way? Just as websites and online stores need SEO, apps need ASO. This is application store optimisation. An ASO company or ASO specialist in Telsa Media will help to make sure your programs reach the right people.

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Telsa Media’s team of ASO marketing specialists know what people look for in a great app. They want clean designs, simple interfaces, and unique solutions. Do you have all of those things? Great – but what about a marketing strategy?
Let us take a close look at your app and your audience. We will work to build app store optimisation London phone users can tap into – literally. Don’t get buried in piles of less worthy apps and programs!
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ASO - Telsa Media Way

We have an expert team of ASO Specialists who have sharpened their core skills on live projects. Hence, they know how to pull up your Application from the bottom, get it to feature in the store rankings & increase its engagement.
We will prepare an exclusive ASO Strategy for every App which will only include White Hat ASO Techniques & our principle proverb behind each ASO venture which is "RETENTION, REVENUE, and ENGAGEMENT".

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How App Store Search Optimisation Works?

Research, Research & Payoff:
At Telsa Media, before taking up any marketing strategies, we always take up a time to study the number of competitors and question how they are performing, what are the takeaways from them, where are they lacking, what keywords are they targeting and what is the size of their App. We take every single element into consideration & work accordingly to positively impact your app growth.
Landing Page Optimisation:
Here comes the most important aspect of any App Store Optimisation Strategy. This includes Visual Graphics, Proper Keyword Gaming, App Description & translation for non-English users. We focus on creating attractive graphics & keyword rich content relevant to your Application and similarly, work on the translation part if you are willing to target multiple regions together.
Links, Links & App Awareness:
After creating a stunning App Landing Page, We will now take your app to reach users by portraying what your app does & what are the benefits of using it via advanced & contextual link building strategies. Not only this we will also use Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Marketing strategies to generate maximum installs if needed.
Being, a specialist of ASO Service Provider in London. We’ve completed 373 + ASO Ventures with 100% guaranteed results. And we believe that every individual App is unique, so our ASO Experts tailor different approaches for every application to assure that your App reaches your desired target audience.
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App Store Optimisation Simplified

In simple language, we can easily define “App Store Optimisation ( ASO ) = Traffic + Installations”.
With the growth in the App Market, today there are 3M + Apps on Google Play Store and 2M on the Apple App Store. This is because today we have an App for almost everything & not only a single one for each but multiple apps for each little thing we do.
So if you have an application or looking to project one into the most competitive markets - i.e. "Apple App Store" and "Google Play Store", where for a single category there are 10,000's worth of competitors, have you ever wondered how your Application could get the slice of the pie?
Here ASO can be your Game Changer and you can easily accomplish the duo by getting your App optimised in search results. And being a leading Digital Agency in Surrey, UK - Telsa Media will be glad to do it for you. We will not just get your App Installed, but we will also focus on long-term User Engagement.
So if you are looking to boost up your Organic Installations & multiply your App Revenue by x2 get in touch with our ASO Specialist in London for Free Consultation via 0208 686 4577 or E-mail us at [email protected], we deliver guaranteed results within 30 to 45 days!
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