The importance of a well-designed business website can’t be overstated in Birmingham because it’s the online face of your business and part of your digital marketing strategy. If your website is easy to navigate and has clear and concise information, you can boost your online presence and attract loyal customers.

A great web design Birmingham reflects your brand correctly and helps to improve user experience. So, to make things easy for you, we have shared the top six website design tips in this article for Birmingham businesses like yours.

  1. Plan your Website Design

When designing your business website, you should have a detailed plan for your website. This includes identifying your target customers and mapping out their journey from start to finish. This helps to chalk out each step of the website design Birmingham and decide what your website should offer.

That’s why you should try to gather as much information as possible about your customers, such as their likes and dislikes, the type of content they find more engaging and how they can be converted from mere site visitors to customers.

  1. Don’t Use Unnecessary Elements

Modern business websites are free from elements that are unnecessary and outdated. Consider removing overly wordy copy, animations, irrelevant stock images, difficult-to-understand promotional vocabulary and jargon.

That’s because people nowadays have short attention spans and don’t like to browse through unnecessary content to find what they are looking for. You can meet your customer needs even with a simple yet elegant web design Birmingham that offers solutions to their problems.

  1. Make the Homepage Scrollable

At present, most people browse websites on their mobile devices, and a scrollable homepage makes it easy for them to navigate and access the content. A scrollable page looks more modern and engaging because you can animate some web elements to move or pop up as the user scrolls down.

This aspect looks interesting without distracting or overpowering the users. However, when you hire an experienced website designer Birmingham, they ensure that your website includes an about section, service overview, products and their features, testimonials, resources, case studies, success stories and contact details.

  1. Keep the Website Navigation Easy

People come to your website with a goal, such as finding the cost of an item or connecting with customer support. That’s why your website should be easy to navigate, and users should be able to find what they are looking for. Otherwise, they will end up exiting your site to visit your competitors.

A good website design agency Birmingham can help you design the navigation part in such a way that it’s clear and includes broad sub-headings and related topics. If you have multiple pages, they will make use of breadcrumb navigation with menu navigation so that users can return to a higher level.

  1. Optimise for Mobile

An optimised business website functions well on all devices. As more and more people are accessing the internet through their mobile devices these days, you can’t ignore this aspect. It creates a positive user experience by adjusting menu formats, resizing pages and adding dropdown tabs.

Search engines like Google also consider responsive web design in Birmingham when crawling and indexing websites. So make sure to check the mobile version of your website, testing each page, button and user action.

  1. Make Your Call-to-Action (CTA) Stands Out

Your business website should not only look attractive but also have CTA’s that stand out. It prompts users to take the next step and ultimately leads them to complete their shopping journey. A CTA is one of the most important and non-negotiable parts of any business website and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The buttons on your website should have a strong CTA that encourages users to take some actions, for example, downloading a resource, signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. Make sure that you’re using clear and compelling language. Your website’s above-the-fold (ATF) should always have CTAs as they are more visible there. You can consult a design agency in Birmingham to get great ideas on the correct placement of CTAs.

On a Final Note

Your website is a meaningful part of your business. But as you’re not an expert web designer, you may find it difficult to keep your websites updated with the latest trends. In this scenario, it’s best to partner with a professional agency like Telsa Media, which creates excellent business web design in Birmingham.

They are a leading website design agency in Birmingham and know what it takes to create a business website that drives sales. Get in touch with them to create a custom website for your business that brings you the desired results.