You started a small business in Surrey to make money. But have you paid attention to your website’s design, which may be costing you your hard-earned money and potential customers? Most of the time, small business owners like you are so invested in their business that they forget that investing in their online image is equally important. Your website is the virtual face of your business, and a poor design can destroy your brand image in seconds.

You can consider working with some expert web designers in Surrey who will help you sort out all the design mistakes that your website is operating with. But for your awareness, in this article, we have compiled a list of seven web design mistakes that are costing your business customers.

  1. Poor Colour Usage and Readability

A website with a good interface design will grab the attention of your site visitors, but what if the users can’t extract the required information at a glance? In the web design industry, colour schemes and readability matter a lot. So, you should never use a colour scheme that distracts your site visitors from finding what they came to look for.

Some websites use poor colour combinations and strange font styles that give readers a headache within seconds. To make your website attractive and easy to read, keep visually impaired users in mind. If your website contains coloured text on a coloured background, make sure to offer a high-contrast background. Take the help of reliable web designers Surrey for an excellent design.

  1. Navigational Issues

Navigating your website should be a seamless experience for your site visitors. The users should be able to find what they have come to look for. While there’s no set standard for a good navigable website, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s intuitive and natural.

A good web design agency in Surrey ensures that the below-mentioned aspects aren’t avoided at any cost:

  • The texts used in the navigation are concise.
  • There are separate sidebars.
  • Descriptive navigation labels are used.
  • A Call-to-Action (CTA) is added to the header section along with other sections.
  • The website is navigable on mobile devices.
  1. No Search Bar

Your website is an archive of information, just like a library. So, it needs to have a system that enables users to find what they are looking for without having to browse a lot. That’s where the search box becomes essential. Many websites lack this element.

The search bar helps users to find specific things on your website that are not explicitly available. It helps to filter out what’s required and give the searcher their desired results. So, make sure that the search bar is clearly visible on your website. If you’re unable to do it yourself, consider working with some web designers in Surrey who will make things easy for you and your site visitors.

  1. Useless Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s great to have a FAQ section on your website. FAQs are an effective way to answer common questions of your potential customers or clients without having to contact you. However, many business owners add useless FAQs to their websites that have never been asked before, and there are very rare chances of them being asked in future.

Make sure you’re not committing this mistake and adding only relevant questions to the FAQs section. It gives your site visitors a good impression of your website and business. This way, they are more likely to convert as your customers and clients. It’s better to hire web design services for small businesses like yours as you may not be aware of how to find such relevant questions for your business.

  1. Poor Content Quality

Content is one of the essential parts of your website. It should be informative and engaging for your visitors to keep them interested and returning. However, some websites create low-quality content full of grammatical errors and typos. This negligence can significantly damage your brand image and turn off your potential clients or customers.

So, it’s better to invest in a professional web design company Surrey, that creates quality content that’s clear, concise and engaging for your site visitors. Their writers can develop content in a language and tone your target audience understands. They help you create diverse content forms comprising blogs, case studies, videos and more to keep your users engaged.

  1. Lack of Optimisation

It’s just not enough to have a website these days. There’s no use if your website doesn’t stand out and your potential audience cannot find your website. Your website must be optimised in order to appear for the search queries that people make.

For this, you need to apply good search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques with the help of an expert SEO and web design company in Surrey. These techniques will help optimise your website’s content and technical elements and boost its ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

  1. Wrong Hierarchy

Top web designers in Surrey follow a well-planned and structured web hierarchy. It guides users to take intended actions on your website. Unfortunately, many websites lack that aspect, which ultimately confuses or misleads visitors and prevents them from converting.

To avoid this, make sure that your website isn’t cluttered and fulfils the objective of why you made your website. Don’t stuff your web pages with too many elements at the same time. Consider working with an expert web design agency in Surrey to ensure your website isn’t turning away your potential audience.

On a Final Note

By avoiding these common web design mistakes, you can easily improve your website’s credibility and offer your visitors a seamless user experience. If you need help with designing or redesigning your website, we highly recommend Telsa Media.

They are the best web design agency in Surrey and have been creating excellent websites for their clients for the past nine years. They are an expert in delivering visually appealing websites that load quickly and are coded correctly. Get in touch with them to get a web design that appeals to your potential audience and gets them converted.