A couple of years ago, the worst nightmare for any social media marketer in London was to
wake up with sudden algorithm updates. Today, it’s about changes in the user behaviour and
their habits. Whenever a specific topic, behaviour or format grabs great attention, it gets popular
and becomes a trend for social media marketing London.
A trend usually spars curiosity at first and then hits their emotional cords. Once more and more
people start associating themselves with the trend, it starts to spread like wildfire across the
whole social media platform.
You need to keep up with the trends or work with a trustworthy social media management
agency London, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors in the social media game. Let’s
see what’s trending in 2024!

  • Shot-form Video Content

Short-form videos are still trending in 2024 and will continue to dominate social platforms like
Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Most of the social media companies London now prefer to
produce short videos for their clients’ businesses. That’s because people have low attention
spans nowadays, so they look for short, engaging, and entertaining content.
A social media management company London can help you create videos that are as short as a
minute or two, depending on the platform. They are great for cost-effective marketing of your
products and services.
For example, they can create small informational clips, behind-the-brand videos, testimonials
and reviews or use them as ads. You don’t need to worry about all this when you work with an
experienced social media marketing company London, as they would already be following the
latest trends to market the businesses of clients.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you think SEO is important only for your website, you’re living under a rock. With the rise of
competition, top social media agencies London now use SEO techniques for social media, too.
For example, a social content agency London may use specific hashtags that let people find
relatable information on Instagram or X (previously Twitter).
So, if you optimise your business’s social media account in such a way, it will help you get more
visibility via search and feed. Consider working with a good social media agency London if you
want to speed up your social media reach and drive more leads and conversions.

  • Social Media Ads

Targeted social media ads and promotions are now catching more attention. So, the best social
media agencies London now focus on creating ads that directly link to offers and promotions
because they influence people’s pre-purchasing decisions. Some people do get attracted to
sponsored ads. So, if you know how to impress your clients using the right type of ads, you will stay ahead of
your competitors. But, social media advertising has challenges of its own. With so many
frequent updates and restrictions, developing the right strategy gets difficult. So, hiring a social
media marketing agency London would be a better way to scale your social media.

  • Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are the new social media trend for any business to market its products and
services. Many micro-influencers work with a social media marketing agency in London to
promote brands that specialise in beauty, fitness, wellness, travel and more.
These influencers have loyal and active followers on social media platforms. They usually have
a following of 1,000 to 100,000. They share tips, opinions and recommendations and can
promote a brand in a more engaging and authentic way.
However, not all micro-influencers will be suitable for your brand. You can take the help of a
social media consultant London to find the right type of influencer for your brand to enhance
your social media presence.

  • Online Communities

One of the latest social media trends you might have seen nowadays is the rise of social media
communities. Agencies that provide services in social media management London are now
working on building community channels for their clients’ businesses. That’s because people
love participating in online communities created by a brand and are more likely to buy from
them. Here, the role of a social media expert London from a reliable SMM agency London becomes
essential as they help your brand connect and build strong relationships with your potential
customers by engaging with them through comments and messages and by addressing
negative feedback.

On a Final Note

There are numerous trends like the ones we mentioned above that you can follow to increase
your brand’s social media presence. You never know when a new platform or content format will
start trending. Working with Telsa Media, an expert B2B social media agency London, will give
you an edge over your competitors.
As a leading and affordable SMM agency London, we have worked with numerous businesses
like yours and helped them leverage the power of social media to take their business to the next
level. We have been doing this at our social marketing agency London for about nine years. So,
we know what strategy will work best for your business. Get in touch with our London social
media marketing agency today to get a free quote for your social media requirements.