Are Backlinks Still Important in 2024?

You probably know there are many Google ranking factors. What worked yesterday might not be the strategy today. But are you wondering whether backlinks will still be important in 2024? Eventually, the answer is yes. Backlinks matter because they are the pillars of the SEO ranking; they indicate authority.

In the early days, pages were ranked mainly on the basis of the time a visitor spent on the site. It may sound strange, but backlinks took their place, and they’re still used for ranking on Google. The website must have links from more reputed sites. Backlinks also help new readers come across your website by clicking on the link on other websites. The principles of working positively and earning trust are the key. Therefore, backlinks are a powerful ranking tool.

How Do Backlinks Work?

Getting links is tough, and what’s tougher is getting strong backlinks. But don’t worry! You just need to build a fruitful strategy to maximize the benefits of backlinks, which are provided by some Professional SEO Service providers.

Here we go!

  • Create decent share-worthy content, be it data-driven reports, articles, videos, or posts, so that your website becomes worth ranking higher and makes organic clients.
  • The more links you have from good websites, the more content of your website will reach the maximum readers.
  • The sites linking to your website must be reputable so that organic traffic reaches your site and makes more out of it.
  • Publish unique and engaging guest posts on reputable blogs if permitted.
  • Participation in communities and posting on media sites leads to the website’s credibility.
  • Monitor and track your backlinks to get the best result.

How do Search Engines Interpret Backlinks Today?

Google continues to refine and evaluate backlinks today in 2024. SEO works smarter and keeps changing its algorithm. It extracts the information and presents it in SERP. Search engines have automated programs that visit websites and analyse them to enter them in the search engine index. Search Engines notice the website positively when you provide valuable posts and content to clients instead of manipulating them. It supports websites that have backlinks from authentic sites. Search engine evaluates on the basis of quality over quantity through which it ranks the websites. The same goes for Local SEO Services providers.

Analysis of what works and what doesn’t in link-building

You might think that building simple links will work, but eventually, it won’t do the job! Be very particular about sites you get links from. Let’s look at what works and what doesn’t in link-building strategy!

What works?

Get links from reputable websites that suit your audience and company. The key factor in building links is earning them naturally so that you provide real information to users and sites link to you themselves. And link internally, too. Page authority, page relevance, page quality, and link position all work together for backlinks.

What doesn’t?

Simply buying links or exchanging low-quality links might work quickly today, but it won’t benefit you in the future. Avoid strategies and tactics that violate the rules and lead to hefty penalties.


In conclusion, backlinks are still worthy of ranking higher on websites in 2024. Backlinks are crucial for a website’s authority, bringing a large number of visitors, and earning trust. Telsa Media will help you by keeping quality over quantity and adopting the search engine algorithm, websites can go with the flow. Focus more on creating connections with readers; the links will follow, and your ranking will upgrade.


  • Does buying backlinks work?
    Buying backlinks works but won’t be profitable for the website in the long run. There are risks, and it’s easy to get caught. If Google sees the paid links on your website, then your links might get banned, and that could result in paying penalties.
  • How long do backlinks take to start working?
    Backlinks impact a website’s Google rankings, but this does not happen overnight. Some backlinks impact in one month, while others in 10 weeks, so it depends on many factors and differs from website to website.
  • What is the fastest way to gain quality backlinks?
    Using the right backlink strategy will help you gain quality backlinks. Publishing guides and quality content, getting in contact with bloggers, and getting posted on reporters’ sites all benefit from getting quality backlinks. Additionally, using the right techniques and monitoring the website leads to quality backlinks.