Capitalise Over Christmas & Boost Sales With PPC Advertising

Christmas is that time of year that many business owners fear, and that is understandable… It is a time for relaxing, spending time with family and taking a break from everyday duties. Now, although this sounds amazing and everyone loves Christmas; business can take a downward turn during the holiday. However, business owners don’t fear! It is not the end of the world, and there is something you can do about your huge decrease in sales over the winter season. If you have been searching for the best Christmas marketing ideas, then PPC advertising is a perfect solution for any business who struggles to find work during Christmas or any other time of the year in fact. The most commonly used PPC system is Google Ads; this is for many reasons, but mainly as Google is the most popular search engine in the world. But, let’s start from the beginning; what actually is PPC marketing?

What Is PPC Advertising & What Makes The Perfect Google Ads Campaign?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, and it is the process of a company paying each time someone clicks onto their ad. This method consists of targeted visitors seeing your ad and then therefor clicking onto your website for more information or potentially to buy something. The rate at which that visitor is likely to buy something from you, all comes down to how good the PPC management actually is.

You need a Christmas marketing campaign for example with the top keywords for your industry, persuasive and powerful adtext and you also need to know your target audience and area. This is all easier said than done. It takes many years of experience and knowledge to master Google Ads truly. However, once your business has an expert running and constantly analysing a Google Ads campaign, expect to see a profitable & effective marketing strategy. But what exactly makes the best Christmas marketing campaigns?

Well, just like any other campaign at any other time of the year, you have to optimise the campaign accordingly. This includes effective keyword research, competitor analysis and general factors that we have no control over, for example, weather.

Digital Marketing Compnay

Keyword Research:

Choosing the correct keywords to use in your Google ads is extremely important. The first step you need to take is to ensure that there is search volume for a keyword; otherwise, there is no point in including it to your paid search marketing strategy.

Another factor to take into account when researching keywords is the cost-per-click and top of the page bid for that certain keyword. This is simply because you need to make a profit from your PPC ads, so don’t pay extortionate amounts on a word for a service that does not pay very well for the company.

emergency plumber

For example, if you are a plumber trying to advertise for “emergency plumber” in the area of London, you would start by checking the keyword on Google’s keyword planner.

As you can see, the average top of page bid is around £8.90 per-click. You then have to take into account that not every click will result in a conversion (conversion meaning a form submission or a phone call). The average conversion comes after 15-20 clicks; this can be improved by optimising your landing pages and ‘call to actions’. So, if you were converting at every 20 clicks, your cost-per-lead would be £8.90×20=£178. Now, a lot of plumber’s charge under £150 for their services per hour, so this results in no profit being made, and actually, this company has actually made a loss.

We get it; this can be very confusing. This is why the team at Telsa Media have spent many years perfecting and learning everything there is to know about this PPC system formerly known as ‘Google AdWords’. If you have a business and you want to boost your sales through our PPC management services, then we are the best option for you.

Competitor Analysis:

Analysing your competitors is extremely important when trying to find out the best strategy that will boost your sales. Competitor research has always been a crucial task in business throughout the years, and this definitely still applies to PPC advertising. From studying their ads, seeing how big their spend is and analysing other factors of their PPC campaign; these important tasks cannot be underestimated and should always be done properly. From completing successful research, you can find out one or two competitor keywords that you may not have even thought about including on your campaign! The key is not to copy everything your competitor does, but to take the best bits and simply optimise the campaign to make it better! Sounds simple right?

Competitive analysis can be hugely beneficial if done correctly, and this is another service and process that we are experts at. Feel free to get in touch with a member of the team at Telsa Media if you have any wishes to beat your competition with expert PPC management services.

Why Do You Need To Capitalize On PPC Marketing Over Christmas?

As mentioned before, Christmas is a hard time for business owners, and although it should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, many people find themselves stressed over the holidays due to lack of sales. However, you do not need to be a victim of this with an effective paid search campaign.

Using PPC marketing such as Google Ads or Bing Ads can allow you to advertise your business on the web much easier. Due to the low amount of interest at Christmas time, using PPC to advertise allows you to target the people who are actually interested in buying, and it puts your site right in front of them when they search.


To sum everything up, it is crucial for your business to adapt to the time of the year and the events taking place. PPC advertising is an amazing way for businesses to attract customers at a slow-paced time of year for sales. If you require any PPC campaign management services; Telsa Media are here to provide a life-changing experience for business owners.

Feel free to get in touch about any marketing needs that you may have by giving us a ring on 0208 131 9627.

Boost Your Website Sales by Up To 350% With A Chatbot

Many popular platforms and companies provide their customers with a chatbot that only focuses on the customer service aspect of chatbot marketing. At Telsa Media, we build creative chatbots for business on the web that are helpful to potential customers and visitors.

However, they also have persuasive traits in the text that will keep the user feeling interested. Users on the web get distracted very easily, so their attention must be kept at all times during the conversation.

By providing the visitors with support from the chatbot, you are not only giving them an excellent customer experience but are also increasing the likelihood that they will purchase something from you.

There are many chatbots on the web, and we provide a service that will make your customer experience entirely unique! From assisting users on your website, to keeping fresh new visitors and leads intrigued with conversation; Telsa Media provide the best chatbot services that you could possibly find for your website.



To conclude all of this information simply, there is a lot of benefits for using chatbots for your website. There is even bigger potential for the future of ai chatbot, as our generation continues to find new ways to boost sales and improve customer service.

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