COVID-19 – The Impact on Businesses

Creating Appealing Business Website

The spread of coronavirus has caused many parts of the world to go on complete lockdown.

In the UK, the government has implemented new rules in which we, as a nation, have to follow and adapt to a new way of living. Businesses have significantly been affected by this, causing them to either pause operation or find new ways to adjust to a new normal. Also, with many people on furlough over lockdown, there has been an increase in people producing brand new business ideas.

A website and the correct use of digital marketing could transform your business, gaining you hundreds, or even thousands of new customers. Take the plunge and discover all the extra traffic you can have access to.

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Every business can have a website, and there are hundreds of types out there to choose from depending on your industry.

Now is an ideal time to move forward and create a stunning and practical website that drives traffic and gains you customers. If you have a website but are still not getting the results you want, there are many other digital marketing options, including SEO and PPC, which can get you efficient results.

Business Stats and Figures During COVID-19

Business Stats and Figures During COVID-19 in the UK

Coronavirus has affected many businesses in the UK. Here is a list of some stats and figures of what areas of business and who has been affected:

  • The tourism and hospitality industries were the most affected businesses
  • Younger, older, and less-skilled workers have been the most affected individuals
  • 19% of workers were furloughed in the UK due to not being able to work (BBC)
  • 41% of workers in the arts and entertainment industry were on furlough leave
  • Unemployment surged to 2.7 million between March and July (BBC)
  • The number of employees on UK payrolls plunged by 730,000 from March to July (BBC)
  • Biggest fall in the quarterly gross domestic product (GDP) on record at 20.4% between April to June

Individuals looking to Google for their Queries

Individuals looking to Google for their Queries

As online search engines such as Google are easily accessible to the majority of us, there has been an increase in queries searched by individuals. Per second, Google receives over 63,000 searches every day! That works out to at least 2 trillion searches per year.

With search engines like Google being available 24/7, it means that any queries or needs a user searches, they get their required answers within seconds. Imagine the thousands of users that could see your business website!

Having a website for your business makes it easier for users to buy a product or book a service. For example, if a user is looking for a skip company to deliver a skip to their house, they would search online for it. A user would click on a reliable website and purchase the right sized skip for the duration they need within minutes. This makes it much easier for the business itself and the buyer.

A useful website can transform your website, gaining you access to a whole new variety of customers. Let a professional website designer create a website ideal for your business niche. This is the best time to get your business website up and running as we begin to move on after COVID-19.

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How a Website can help a business get more leads

How a Website can help a business get more leads

With many people becoming unemployed or looking for online money-making opportunities in unprecedented times, an influx of people have come up with new business ideas. And why not!

Now is the best time for you to think about what you really want out of life. Whether you have a new product idea or have noticed a gap in the market, get yourself a business website to advertise your product or service.

Find yourself an online lead generation business who can help build you an eye-catching and effective website that gets you leads. Digital marketing specialists will take on board your targeted demographics and business goals and decide the ideal method to generate online leads for your business. The best digital marketing experts would thrive on gaining quality conversions for their customers.

Once you have a functional website for your business, there are many other digital marketing elements that can help transport your business further, which are also highly affordable!

If you need a lead generation specialist in London or anywhere in the UK, Telsa media are here to help you. We offer the following internet marketing lead generation services:

  • Generating email lists
  • Sending out newsletters
  • Social media campaigns
  • PPC Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Referrals
  • Local SEO
  • And more!


No matter your area of business – you can gain leads online easily. Don’t let coronavirus affect your business any longer. Get fast results today!

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