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The World Cup kicks off in Moscow on Thursday
736 players from 32 teams are set to descend on Russia in the coming days
Gareth Southgate's England arrived in Repino yesterday
The Three Lions' first game is on Monday against Tunisia in Volgograd
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Thursday 14th June
The 2018 World Cup kicked off on the 14th June against Russia and Saudi Arabia. Russia beat Saudi Arabia with a score of 5-0.
Friday 15th June
Group A Match 1 of 3 was Russia against Saudi Arabia. Russia scored 5 nil to Saudi Arabia. Russia had only 38% possession.
Group A Match 1 of 3 was Uruguay beat Egypt by 1 nil.
Group B Match 1 of 3- Iran beat Morocco by 1 nil. Morocco had 68% possession of the ball.
Group B Match 1 of 3 resulted in 3-3 draw between Portugal and Spain. Cristiano Ronaldo scores hat-trick.
Saturday 16th June
Group C Match 1 of 3- France beat Australia 2-1.
Group D Match 1 of 3- Argentina and Iceland drew 1 all. This was the first time Argentina failed to win their opening match at a World Cup tournament since losing to Cameroon in 1990.
Group C Match 1 of 3- Denmark scored 1 nil to Peru. Denmark have won four out of their five opening games at World Cup Tournaments against the Netherlands in 2010.
Group D Match 1 of 3- Croatia won by 2 nil to Nigeria. This was their first opening game of a World Cup win since their debut in 1998.
Sunday 17th June
Group E Match 1 of 3- Serbia beat Costa Rica 1 nil. Both teams had 10 shots each.
Group F Match 1 of 3- Mexico scored 1 nil against Germany. This was only Germany’s second time to
Group E Match 1 of 3- Brazil and Switzerland drew 1 all at the Russia’s World Cup on Sunday. Brazil had 21 shots comparing to Switzerland only having 6.
Monday 18th June
Group F Match 1 of 3- Sweden beat South Korea 1 nil. Sweden remain unbeaten in all five of their matches against South Korea.
Group G Match 1 of 3- Belgium scored 3 nil against Panama. Belgium had 62% possession of the ball.
Group G Match 1 of 3- England began their first match on the 19th June against Tunisia. England won the game with a total score of 2-1 to Tunisia. This was England’s first time in scoring more than once in 10 World Cup matches since their draw in 2006 against Sweden.
Tuesday 19th June
Group H Match 1 of 3- Japan beat Colombia 2 nil making them the first ever Asian team to defeat South American opposition at the World Cup.
Group H Match 1 of 3- Senegal scored 2 goals against Poland who only scored 1. Senegal have won 50% of their World Cup matches which is the best win rate of any African nation in the competition.
Group A Match 2 of 3- Russia beat Egypt 3-1. This was the first time Russia have won their opening matches at the World Cup since 1966.
Wednesday 20th June
Group B Match 2 of 3- Portugal beat Morocco 1 nil. Portugal have only lost one of their last 11 World Cup games, winning six and drawing four.
Group A Match 2 of 3- Uruguay scored 1 nil against Saudi Arabia. With Uruguay’s win, both Russia and Uruguay have qualified from Group A.
Group B Match 2 of 3- Spain beat Iran 1 nil. Spain had 78% possession overall.
Thursday 21st June
Group C Match 2 of 3- Denmark and Australia drew 1 all. The result means that Australia have failed to win any of their last five World Cup matches.
Group C Match 2 of 3- France beat Peru 1 nil. France are unbeaten in their last eight World Cup fixtures against The South American Football Confederation opposition.
Group D Match 2 of 3- Croatia scored 3 nil against Argentina. This was Croatia’s first win in five attempts against the South American nations at the World Cup.
Friday 22nd June
Group E Match 2 of 3- Brazil beat Costa Rica 2 nil. Brazil scored a goal in the 90th minute resulting in their first World Cup victory.
Group D Match 2 of 3- Nigeria scored 2 nil to Iceland. Ahmed Musa scored both goals.
Group E Match 2 of 3- Switzerland beat Serbia with a result of 2-1. Switzerland have only lost 1 of their 24 matches to Portugal in a World Cup qualifier in October 2017.
Saturday 23rd June
Group G Match 2 of 3- Belgium scored a huge 5 goals against Tunisia who only scored 2. Romelu Lukaku is the highest scoring Belgium player in any major international match.
Group F Match 2 of 3- Mexico beat South Korea with a score of 2-1. This is the first time since the 2002 World Cup that Mexico have won back to back matches.
Group F Match 2 of 3- Germany scored 2-1 against Sweden. Germany had 76% possession of the ball.
Sunday 24th June
Group G Match 2 of 3- England scored a huge 6-1 to Panama. Harry Kane scored three, John Stones scored two and Jesse Lingard scored one. This was England’s biggest ever win in a major tournament match.
Group H Match 2 of 3- Japan and Senegal both drew 2 all.
Group H Match 2 of 3- Columbia scored 3-0 against Poland. This means that Poland are the first European nation to be eliminated from the 2018 World Cup.
Monday 25th June
Group A Match 3 of 3- Saudi Arabia beat Egypt 2-1. Saudi Arabia had 65% compared to Egypt who only had 35%.
Group A Match 3 of 3- Uruguay scored 3 nil to Russia. Russia’s player Igor Smolnikov received a red card.
Group B Match 3 of 3- Iran and Portugal both drew with a score of 1-1. Portugal had 74% of the ball.
Group B Match 3 of 3- Spain and Morocco scored 2 goals each. Spain remain unbeaten in 23 matches since losing to Italy at Euro 2016.
Tuesday 26th June
Group C Match 3 of 3- Peru scored 2 nil to Australia. However, Australia had more possession with 58%.
Group C Match 3 of 3- Both Denmark and France failed to get any goals during the match. This was the first 0-0 score of the 2018 World Cup.
Group D Match 3 of 3- Argentina beat Nigeria with a total score of 2-1. This results in Nigeria being eliminated in the group stages.
Group D Match 3 of 3- Croatia scored 2-1 against Iceland. This is the first time Croatia have won three consecutive World Cup matches.
Wednesday 27th June
Group F Match 3 of 3- Sweden beat Mexico 3 nil. This was Sweden’s biggest win in a World Cup game since 1994 where they scored 4-0 to Bulgaria.
Group F Match 3 of 3- South Korea scored 2 nil to Germany. This is only Germanys second time in being eliminated in the first round since 1938.
Group E Match 3 of 3- Switzerland and Costa Rica drew with a score of 2 all. Switzerland had 63% possession.
Group E Match 3 of 3- Brazil beat Serbia 2 nil. Brazil have qualified 13th consecutive times in a tournament from the Round 1 Group Stage of the World Cup since 1970.
Thursday 28th June
Group H Match 3 of 3- Colombia beat Senegal by 1 nil. This is only the third time that Colombia have passed the World Cup group stages.
Group H Match 3 of 3- Poland scored 1 nil to Japan. This is the first time Poland have won against Japan.
Group G Match 3 of 3- Belgium beat England 1 nil. This means that Belgium have won their last seven World Cup first round group stage games.
Group G Match 3 of 3- Tunisia scored 2-1 against Panama. This is only the second time that Tunisia have won a World Cup game, the first time was in 1978 when they made their debut in the competition against Mexico.
Friday 29th June
Saturday 30th June
Round of 16- France beat Argentina 4-3. Argentina are the first team that scored at least three goals but still lose a World Cup match since 1986 between USSR vs Belgium.
Round of 16- Uruguay scored 2-1 against Portugal. Uruguay only had 30% possession after half-time but still managed to score their winning goal from their only shot in the second half.
Sunday 1st July
Round of 16- Russia and Spain drew 1-1 but Russia won in penalties with 4-3. This is the first time that Russia have reached the quarter-final since the break-up of the Soviet Union.
Round of 16- Croatia and Denmark drew 1-1 but Croatia won with 3-2 to penalties. This is the first time since 1998 that Croatia have qualified for the quarter-finals in the World Cup.
Monday 2nd July
Round of 16- Brazil beat Mexico 2 nil. Since the round of 16 started in 1986, Mexico has been eliminated seven times. This is twice the amount of any other nation.
Round of 16- Belgium scored 3-2 to Japan. Belgium has reached the quarter-finals for the first time.
Tuesday 3rd July
Round of 16- Sweden scored 1 nil Switzerland. Sweden have qualified for their first World Cup quarter-final since 1994.
Round of 16- Columbia and England scored 1-1. When it came down to penalties, England beat Columbia with 4-3.
Friday 6th July
Quarter-final- France beat Uruguay by 2 nil. This is the sixth time France have reached the semi-final at the World Cup.
Quarter-final- Belgium scored 2-1 to Brazil. This is only the second time that Belgium have reached the semi-finals.
Saturday 7th July
Quarter-final- England beat Sweden 2-0. This is their third time for reaching the semi-finals, doing so in 1966 and 1990.
Quarter-final- Russia and Croatia drew 2-2 and came down to penalties with Croatia beating Russia 4-3. This is the first host country to be eliminated at the quarter-final stage at the World Cup since 1986.
Tuesday 10th July
Semi-finals- France beat Belgium 1-0. This is the third time France have reach the World Cup Final. They also reached it in 1998 and 2006. Since 1998, France have reached the World Cup Final more than any other nation.
Wednesday 11th July
Semi-finals- Croatia scored 2 nil against England. England have sadly now been eliminated. This is the 4th time out of 5 that England have lost out in the semi-finals. For Croatia, this is their first time they have qualified for the World Cup final.

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