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You may have heard about chatbots before, seen chatbots on websites, or possibly even had a conversation with one when visiting a website, or contacting a company through a messenger app.

However, did you know that there are many reasons and benefits that attract businesses to use these bots for their company websites? In this article, we aim to give you all the information that you would ever need about chatbot marketing.

Chatbots are a great platform for any business’ website & online presence. From providing great customer service, to improving your website conversion rate; there is valid reasoning for the sudden popularity of these ai chatbots.

Many companies use chatbots on their websites, social’s and messenger apps to increase conversion while also improving their customer service.

What Is a Chatbot?

In simple terms, chatbots are a computer programmed ai bot that sends and receives text messages either on websites or messenger apps.

Chatbots are used for many reasons, such as automating the process of contacting new leads, providing customer service and many more.

Now, this is all great, but you may be wondering ‘how to create chatbots for websites?’ Well, this is where it can get slightly complicated.


The Set-Up of Artificial Intelligence Powered Chatbots for Websites

To create effective chatbots on your website, you need to plan and manage them accordingly. It can be a time-consuming job as you have to storyboard every possible situation that a customer could be in, in order to provide them with the correct advice that they need.

Situations that occur can range from a user needing support before they even think about purchasing, to a visitor choosing exactly what they want to buy by using the chat. Conversational bots can be a pain to start with, but once optimised fully for your target audience, the boosted effect they can provide is astonishing.

We create these website chatbots on our very own platform every single day. As you may know, many platforms build these chatbots. However, the number of customers that have seen an increase in their website sales from our chatbots is always evergrowing.

The Explosive Popularity of AI Chatbots for Websites

These robot chat services for websites have had a massive uprise in popularity over recent times, and there is reasoning for this. Over recent years, messenger apps have been used more than the top 4 social media sites. Social media is a huge platform in our day in age, so this shows exactly how much people are using these messengers.

Also, not only that but 48% of consumers would rather connect with a company through a live chat on a website over any other form of communication.

This generation is so used to messaging people as the primary point of contact; this is exactly why you should capitalise now and get started with implementing your Google chatbot.

If your business requires the best chatbots for your website, then Telsa Media are here to help. Our highly trained team will efficiently build an online chatbot for your site in order for you to get started with your chatbot marketing strategy!

Telsa Media

How Can A Chatbot Software Improve Your Site Conversions?

If your business has been looking for new ways to increase sales, then this might be an interesting read for you. Conversational ai is the new go-to strategy for companies that need to automate their original contact with a new lead.

Let’s face it, once you receive a new lead from a contact form or phone call, how long does it take you to process exactly what they want, when they want it and how they want it? Although it may not take extortionate amounts of your time, when the leads add up, you may find yourself stuck.

However, with Telsa Media’s chatbot platform, you will have a 24/7 running talking robot that will help your customers find exactly what they need in order to buy from your business. A conversation bot is a perfect addition to your site due to the relevancy and convenience that it provides to the new younger generation. Boost your conversion rate with the best ai chatbot around.

Improve The Customer Experience On Your Website with A Chatbot Messenger

Customer care is an extremely important factor for every single business. From good customer service to intriguing customer engagement strategies; many factors can improve your customer’s experience on your website.

But, what exactly can these bots provide that will give you the reputation of having excellent customer service?

By using a chatbot online, you are giving your company a 24/7 companion that can assist customers with any queries at any time of the day. Although the setup of an ai chatbot can be tedious, it is definitely worth it. At Telsa Media, we create bespoke chatbots every day for businesses that want to improve their customer service.

Boost Your Website Sales by Up To 350% With A Chatbot

Many popular platforms and companies provide their customers with a chatbot that only focuses on the customer service aspect of chatbot marketing. At Telsa Media, we build creative chatbots for business on the web that are helpful to potential customers and visitors.

However, they also have persuasive traits in the text that will keep the user feeling interested. Users on the web get distracted very easily, so their attention must be kept at all times during the conversation.

By providing the visitors with support from the chatbot, you are not only giving them an excellent customer experience but are also increasing the likelihood that they will purchase something from you.

There are many chatbots on the web, and we provide a service that will make your customer experience entirely unique! From assisting users on your website, to keeping fresh new visitors and leads intrigued with conversation; Telsa Media provide the best chatbot services that you could possibly find for your website.



To conclude all of this information simply, there is a lot of benefits for using chatbots for your website. There is even bigger potential for the future of ai chatbot, as our generation continues to find new ways to boost sales and improve customer service.

Who Are Telsa Media & How Are We Linked with Chatbots for Websites?

Telsa Media are a leading digital marketing agency with many years of experience in lead generation and boosting conversion rates. Our company have been working with chatbots and many chatbot platforms for a while now, and we have seen the results that it provides for businesses and their websites.

We love to build bots for businesses in order to increase your ROI and your website’s ability to lead capture. We strongly believe that every business should have chatbots on their website. If you have been wondering “how do I integrate a chatbot into my website?” Look no further than our company.

Telsa Media build high-quality chatbots from our own platform. Our highly skilled specialists would love to help you and have a chat about getting started on your chatbot marketing journey. If you are still unsure about why your company should implement conversational chatbots for your website/websites then feel free to chat with us.

Give us a ring on 0208 131 5389 if you need more support. Additionally, you can fill out our online form to get your online chatbots live and messaging new users & potential leads on your website immediately!


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