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Content-Production Surrey London

Good website content is either the reason that users find you online or the reason that they keep returning to your website. It is not only the website design that helps form that first impression of your business, but also the words that your page.
It has been proven by research that people are less likely to read walls of text online and respond better to short punchy articles that get straight to the point. We are aware of this and therefore create web page content with the end user in mind, as well as the search engines, using an optimal word count for both which is usually around 300­-400 words. We also obviously take SEO into consideration and vary keywords and phrases accordingly.


Blog Posts ­ we can write one­off blog posts for you or a set amount on a regular basis. You can provide us with the titles of these blog posts yourself, or you can let us research and choose the topics that we feel would benefit your business.
Web Pages ­ we can write the content for your website pages, anything from specific articles to your about us page. We will write this with your end user in mind, keeping things punchy and on point.
Newsletter Content ­ we can write a letter to your subscribers based on information you provide, as well as any article content you want to include. Ebooks and PDFs ­ whether you wish to put together a full ebook, or short PDF pamphlet, then our content writing services can cover this too.
Turnaround for 1­ articles is usually 2 days.
Turnaround for 5 articles is usually 4 days.
Turnaround for 10­ articles is usually within a week.
300­ – 400 words article = £50
400 words + = 12p per word
All website content will be written by UK native experienced content writers, educated to at least Degree level. Samples of previous work can be obtained upon request. All writings are ghost written and copyright to yourself.