Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the planet. It’s a hive of photo-lovers! Owned by Facebook, it’s also a great platform to build business marketing on. Instagram marketing companies offer businesses brilliant ways to engage with people! Do you run a business with plenty of visual merchandise? Can you share your experiences with your fans? If you’re keen to really set up a profile or a persona for your brand, then Telsa Media will always recommend Instagram marketing.
But what if you’ve never used Instagram before? What if you don’t really know what the fuss is all about? No worries. We’ll help you plan out a fantastic Instagram marketing campaign that brings the right people to you.


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Why Use Instagram Marketing for Small Business?

Social media is going nowhere – it's here to stay! Millions of people use Instagram. It's one of the quickest routes for people to share life updates and statuses. Along with Facebook, it's also grown to become one of the best platforms for connecting with businesses and brands. You'll find plenty of big companies are already on 'Insta'. Why should your business be any different?
With an Instagram marketing agency, you can set up brilliant visual stories to inspire your fans and customers. For example, it’s a great platform to share pictures of food and drink. You could use Instagram marketing restaurant businesses swear by. What’s more, with the use of hashtags, your campaign can piggyback onto trending topics. This is a great way to find your way into people’s feeds!
Instagram is an app that people scroll through endlessly. Therefore, you have plenty of chances to pop up as they scroll their way down! Instagram marketing companies like Telsa Media understand the appeal. We think small businesses need to find strategies where they can reach everyday people. Therefore, by offering a fun, relatable profile through Instagram, your fans can add you to their networks.
It should also be easy for you to call to action, too! Maybe you could use Instagram photos and stories to generate polls or set up deals. Want to host competitions? Show off new products or recipes? Then this is going to be the best social network for you.
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How an Instagram Marketing Company Can Help

But – hang on – you might think that setting up an Instagram account is easy. It certainly is! However, managing it and following the right channels is where things get tricky. At Telsa Media, we will carefully manage your complete Instagram marketing operation. That means we can post on your behalf. It also means we’ll work with you to find the best ideas and photo opportunities that fit your brand.
You can check in with is regularly, too, to see how things are going! Our Instagram analytics will allow you to see who you’re connecting with. We’ll also be more than happy to recommend ways to tweak and improve your Instagram marketing campaigns should you need to. Telsa Media’s team of Instagram experts know how to make the network work for our clients.
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It’s not as simple as uploading a few photos here and there. You need to upload consistent stories and engaging content! Contact Telsa Media, and we will make sure to draw up a long-term plan of action. Whether you’re looking for Instagram marketing for clothing brands, or flexible Instagram marketing e-commerce can benefit from, we have the tools and the know-how to get you up and running.
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Instagram Marketing Costs

London Instagram marketing costs can and will vary. Depending on how much support you need, or what you’d like us to do with your brand, the price of your campaigns might change. But don’t panic! What we do is lay things out clearly for you before even have to think about paying. After your free consultation, we will let you take a look through our affordable Instagram marketing packages.
Want us to help market you on Instagram for a few weeks? Maybe you’d like us to come on and help full-time. Regardless of what you may be looking for, we are confident that we have packages that will be flexible to your needs and your budget. In any case, you never know what we can offer you until you get in touch! Why not follow us on social media?
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However, don’t wait too long to get started. Instagram is amazingly popular – and it makes sense to strike while the iron is hot! Call Telsa Media for more details, or book online.
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