Social media is playing a huge role today for small businesses in Belfast like yours in
connecting and engaging with their target audience. And, with more than 3 billion active monthly
users on the social platform, businesses are now using Facebook advertising Belfast to market
their products and drive more sales.

However, running a successful Facebook advertising campaign requires expertise that most
business owners don’t possess. That’s where a Facebook ads agency comes into the picture.
But with so many agencies claiming to provide the best Facebook ads services, how would you
decide which one is right for your business? Let’s find out!

-Define your Goals

Before you get into the hunt for finding the right agency for Facebook ads, you must define your
goals and objectives for the campaigns. Decide what you want to achieve through a Facebook
advertising service and set clear key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help to monitor the
success of your ad campaigns.
Whether you want to increase website traffic, drive quality leads and conversions, maximise
brand awareness or all of them, well-defined goals will make the process easier while sorting
out the right agency for Facebook advertising Belfast.

– Plan your Budget

Budget is an important factor when you’re considering investing in a Facebook advertising
consultant or agency. Planning your budget in advance lets you save time and resources in the
long run. Some Facebook business advertising agencies may charge a flat fee, while others
may work on your ad spend percentage.You can get a cost estimation from a Facebook ads specialist and keep some extra money
aside for the charges that may arise during active campaigns. When discussing your budget
with the Facebook ads expert, also ask them about the return on investment (ROI) you can
expect from the amount you will spend so that you can plan your finances accordingly.

-Research Potential Agencies

When you’re done with defining your goals, it’s time to look for reliable Facebook advertising
companies. At first, ask for recommendations from friends and other people in your network.
Then, connect with those agencies that offer a Facebook advertising service to businesses like
Also, you can search online for top agencies that have a strong online presence and positive
reviews. Visit their websites to learn more about the Facebook ads company, and then ask for
their Facebook ads price to see if it matches your planned budget. However, don’t run after
agencies that offer too cheap services, as you won’t get the desired outcome from them.

-Consider Experience and Knowledge

You can’t ignore experience and knowledge if you want to get good results from your Facebook
local ads campaigns. Look for ad agencies that have a track record of running successful
Facebook ads for small business like yours and delivering excellent results. Ask them about
their past clients and case studies. This will help you assess their expertise and knowledge.
Also, see if the agency has an in-house team of certified Facebook advertising experts who
know the best way to advertise on Facebook. Ask how often their team goes through training for
new updates regarding Facebook ads marketing that come across every now and then.

-Observe Communication and Transparency

Before finalising hiring a particular agency and paying the Facebook advertising cost, observe
how communicative and transparent they are. Talk to their business ads manager Facebook
and ask them several questions, including when they have failed to generate desired results
and check how honestly they answer your questions.
Pay attention to how fast they reply to your queries or calls. Also, see if they are transparent
about their Facebook ad agency pricing. If you experience difficulty communicating with them or
receive slow responses, it’s a red flag. Communication is the foundation of any business
partnership. So, choose only the advertising agency Facebook, which prioritises communication
and transparency.

On a Final Note

Partnering with the right Facebook ads agency can do wonders for your business, no matter
how small or big it is. The right one will significantly improve your campaigns’s performance, get
desired results and ultimately, take your business to a whole new level. Tesla Media would love
to work with you as your strategic and effective Facebook ads partner.

We are the best Facebook ads agency in Belfast and have been helping numerous businesses
like yours to run the best Facebook ads for about nine years. Get in touch with our expert
Facebook Ads team to discuss your project now.