What Is Cyber Security?

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Cybersecurity in relative terms is quite simple. The cybersecurity definition is the protection and defence of cyber items such as computers, mobile phones, etc.…

However, cybersecurity is just as important for your website. Websites nowadays are more than just a site on the internet; they are a massive source of income for millions of online companies. Just think about it, you have your website generating loads of traffic, you are receiving loads of sales online, and just like that your website receives a virus and no longer functions in that way.

Or an even worse scenario, imagine hackers have gotten into your site, and as your customers enter their card details, boom, the hackers are in.

This is all caused by poor cybersecurity and poor website security. Don’t let it happen to your site; it can and will be catastrophic to your company. See more information on the world-leading, affordable website security packages that are provided by Comodo that we have available here or give us a ring on 0208 131 5389 for more information.

Making Sure That You Have a Secure Site

So, as you now should know, if you do not have a secure website, you are at a high risk of receiving a cyber-attack. It is a common problem in today’s age that poorly secured sites are being hacked and messed around with.

But how do we actually secure our websites?

Don’t worry; it’s not as hard as what you’d think. Quite simply, all you have to do is get yourself a highly trusted and highly rated website security package. At Telsa Media, we provide the best website security packages that are possibly available, starting from just £2.99 a month! So, if you’re sitting there wondering “is this site safe?”, don’t chance it. Many people chance leaving their websites without security because they truly believe they won’t be hacked, and then when it does occur, they are left with shock and a lot more money is involved.Always Check Website Safety.

The Leading Website Security-Partners with Comodo

At this point, I think you know how important keeping your website secure and preventing any kind of cyber risk really is. So now it’s up to you to choose. Do you want to risk your site being hacked or injected with a virus? Or alternatively, do you want to pay a small monthly fee that will ensure your site is secure and defended 24/7 from any kind of cyber risk out there?

Comodo are world leaders when it comes to website security. They are well-known globally for providing packages that provides websites security while also keeping the peace of mind for their customers.

We know what we would choose!

For more information on our top website security packages, feel free to look here or give us a ring on 0208 131 5389 to speak to an expert for more information.

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