Running an eCommerce business can be challenging today if you don’t have the right tools and techniques. But fret not! There are simple yet proven ways to increase your customers by focusing on your E-Commerce website design.

This guide will explore five eCommerce website design ideas to reach more people. These techniques and ideas will help you boost your business and get you more sales.

  1. Create Easy-to-navigate Categories

An outdated and hard-to-navigate product page can kill your sales faster. Suppose your website visitors have to click or tap around ten different menu sections before they find a product they are looking for. In that case, they will get confused and irritated and exit right to your competitor’s website.

A professional eCommerce web designer can make your product pages and categories easy to navigate so that customers can search for products and filter them by their colour, size or type. The easier you make your product pages and categories to navigate, the quicker your customers will find what they are looking for and buy it.

  1. Give Importance to Branding

Your eCommerce site is more than your online store; it’s your brand. A brand-first approach to web design ensures that your website reflects a value proposition that resonates with your leads, builds credibility and makes your website stand out from your competitors.

The best eCommerce website highlights who you are. It represents your business culture and showcases your product quality. A successful design tells your brand story through unified messaging and aesthetics.

Choose the types of fonts, icons, colours and product photos that resonate with your ideal customers. Be consistent with your web design. Page features and layouts may change to accommodate new information, products and navigation effects. But your colour palette, logo and menu placement, fonts and patterns should all reflect a uniform style.

  1. Use Professional Product Images

In the web design field, pictures or images usually increase conversions because no one likes to buy an unseen product. So, if you want people to buy what you sell, you must showcase what they are buying by displaying high-quality product images.

Showcasing professional images of your products from different angles builds trust and credibility in your customers. If they know what they are buying, they will mainly purchase that product. If you need help, you can consider consulting an eCommerce web design firm for professional guidance.

  1. Use Social Proof

This is another essential way to build trust. When an eCommerce web design company designs your site, it looks for ways to show your ideal customers the positive results your existing customers have received by using your products and services.

Make sure to add a rating section where customers can rate your products and services. Also, add a testimonial section where you can showcase your customer photos with their quotes about their experience using your products and services.

Ask your customers to review your products and services and what they like about them. Then, add them to your website. The more people see how your products changed others’ lives for the better, the more trustworthy you will look and the more sales you will make.

  1. Simplify the Checkout Process

Your customer’s route to purchase a product or service should be clear and straightforward. A one-page website reduces confusion and simplifies the checkout process. Experiment with different colour combinations for web design to take customers through the buying cycle.

Use red buttons and dynamic fonts to draw their attention to specific information. A clear call-to-action (CTA) and cart view are also great ways to take buyers through the final stages of their purchase journey.

Add more payment methods besides debit or credit cards, such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Stripe. When adding a new design element, ensure it aligns with your customer’s preferences and doesn’t hamper the buyer’s journey. Take the help of eCommerce website services if you can’t do it yourself.

Final Thoughts

Designing an eCommerce website can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to do it yourself without having any web design skills. If that sounds like you, follow the techniques mentioned above or hire a trusted eCommerce web design agency like Telsa Media.

Their design experts have every skill required to design a website that looks great and converts leads into customers at affordable eCommerce website costs. If you’re looking for an affordable or cheap eCommerce website design that reflects your brand and help your business grow, get in touch with them.